Chinese laundries, horoscopes, and Donald Trump!

set of sam lee laundries

I suppose you can take several ideas or topics at random and find some way to show that they are more or less “connected” but I was somewhat startled to find someone had posted a comment entitled “21-22 Degree Sagittarius: A Chinese Laundry (and Donald Trump’s Moon) to one of my blog posts that connected Chinese laundries with Donald Trump via the horoscope

21 to 22 degree Sagittarius locates in the Leo decadent (10-degree divisions within a sign) and the Leo duad (2.5 degree sections within a sign). It is the 21st degree of Sagittarius and 1st degree of the decadent, therefore carries the energy of numbers 3, 7, (3×7=21), and 1.

People and matters contacting this degree identify themselves passionately with –or against – an individual, a ethnic or social minority group that’s underprivileged or prosecuted. The social climate that supports such discrimination and injustice is often prejudiced, hypocritical, unreasonable, and going against the universal value of fairness and equality.

Due to Leo’s influence, there is also a strong dramatic element associated with these unjust events. Spreading of falsehood, or some sort of a “creative” effort, is often involved.

On the opposite side of same coin, this symbol speaks of the bitterly oppressed and those who take on the thankless job of cleaning up the aftermath of epic misdeeds. At its higher expression, this degree allows profound understanding of the deep rooted injustice and societal wrongs, and take courageous action to counter such atrocities.

Some famous people with 21-22 Sagittarius degree in their chart are:

  • Donald Trump (moon), whose hard-line and controversial stance of deportation of illegal immigrants marks the flagship issue of his presidential campaign.


A White Approach to Running A Chinese laundry

In 1932, during the Great Depression two white men decided to take over the operation of Tom Sing’s  Chinese laundry in Kinston, North Carolina.  Times were hard then, as the men, an electrician and a printer, were both unemployed. Sing must have also had financial woes as he abandoned his laundry and its equipment intact.

1932 white run chin ldy kinston nc

I do not have any information about how successful this novel experiment involving the first whites to run a Chinese laundry, but judging from their mis-conception that the ‘approved Chinese style’ for a laundry was to gift customers with lily bulbs and tea, I suspect they did not last very long.

Politics and Chinese Laundries!

Here’s a little light-hearted  Trivia Quiz about how Chinese laundries were connected with American politics!

1. What American presidential candidate voted (presumably for himself) at a polling place in a Chinese laundry?

roosev vote

2. Where did the Republicans nominate a Chinese laundryman in 1900 for City Council (where they felt he could win against two competing Democratic candidates)?

Joseph Quong runs city council Toledo 19003. The Sam Wah Laundry occupied the first capitol building of which state?

colorado cap