Should I Be Flattered?

I stumbled upon a cute image related to Chinese laundries accompanied by the well-worn expression associated with the business, “no tickee, no shirtee.”

medium plaig

As I read the accompanying text, I felt a sense of familiarity, and thought, wow, this writer certainly is good!


I reread the text and suddenly I got the feeling that these views were very much like my own! I googled several sentences and discovered that indeed I had written these exact words onMarch 10, 2011 on my Chinese Laundry blog!

2 thoughts on “Should I Be Flattered?

  1. Imitation is the highest form of flattery! Prof. Jung would like to get together one day and discuss the possiblity of making a documentary about the Chinese Laundry. It would be great content for PBS or the History Channel. Bill Yee

  2. My typical answer? “I speak perfect f*ckin’ English!”

    The real history behind the original Chinese laundries on the West Coast? Those entrepreneurs were capitalizing on the gold rush in a very creative way. But of course, they couldn’t tell everyone or else everybody would have been trying to go into their business model. Instead, many Chinese immigrants started laundry businesses believing that they would make a fortune as well. Most managed to make a living to support their families back home but…

    And keep in mind that there were never any laundries back in China.

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