Chinese Laundry Stories

The first 50 posts on this blog on Chinese laundry history are now available for your convenience in a beta version as a free downloadable epub format for  ibooks.   This link will download a pdf version that does not require an e-reader device.

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2 responses to “Chinese Laundry Stories

  1. I just discovered this blog through your post on a friend’s blog of the history of Wellington, Ohio. I look forward to reading your first posts.

    My wife and I live in Taiwan, so as a student of US social history I’m trying to take in as much Chinese-American history as I can before our eventual move back to the US. She’s Taiwanese and while we lived in the US (Houston area) she was often connected to local Chinese-American communities around the time we met.

    I look forward to exploring this and hope to keep in touch. My blog is based on my photography in Asia, but my research interests are based in US religious history:

  2. Thanks, Joshua, for your interest and I hope you will find much of value about the history of Chinese in the U. S.

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