Chinese Laundrymen And Mrs. Potts ” SAD Cold Handle Irons”

The  hand irons used by Chinese laundrymen were not only heavy, but had iron handles that were as hot as the ironing surface.  In 1871, Mrs. Potts, an Iowa  inventress (as she billed herself) used “trading cards” with a variety of humorous drawings used to promote the benefits of her SAD cold handle iron that had a detachable wood attachment placed on the handle while ironing but removed while the iron was being reheated over coals.

Mrs Potts 1871 Sad cold handle iron

Did Chinese laundrymen use her product? Probably not,  but on one of her trading cards, it is suggested that if Chinese laundrymen had a chance to use it, they would fight for it!

1876 Chin laundrymen brawl for Mrs Potts cold handle iron

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