Last Remaining Chinese Laundries

Here is some visual evidence in L. A. of the disappearance of once ubiquitous “Chinese laundries” that could be found in virtually every town in the country . The Kimball Chinese laundry in Temple City at 9424 Las Tunas, Temple City, still has its sign (left image) but in 2011, the storefront no longer appears to be a laundry (right image).  Similarly, the second photo of the Wong Wing Laundry at 8372 Third St., Los Angeles shown in the left hand frame in 2010 was replaced sometime in 2011 by a women’s clothing shop as shown in the right hand frame.

Yick Wo, San Francisco laundryman Supreme Court victory

An animated documentary that clearly explains the background, issues, outcome, and legacy of the Yick Wo v. Hopkins (1886) decision that affected the fate of Chinese laundries in San Francisco, the primary occupation of Chinese at the time.


       Yick Wo was a laundryman in San Francisco who contested the outlawing of all laundries in wooden buildings as racially biased since all Chinese laundries were in wood structures. He won the case as the Supreme Court ruled in 1886 that the law violated the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment.